Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I bring to my first yoga class? 

A: Dress comfortably, wear clothing like yoga pants, shorts, and a t-shirt or tank top. We will provide a mat, but you are welcome to use your own. Some practitioners prefer to have a towel. You may be a little sweaty after class, so bring a change of clothes. Also, a bottle of water for during class or to hydrate afterwards.

Q: Do Corporations/private events have to supply equipment?

A: No. Equipment including yoga mats, blocks and straps will be brought to the location by the instructor. If any student has his/her own mat, they are welcome to use it or borrow one of ours. 

Q: How does Compassion Yoga Project receive funding?

A:  The majority of our funding comes from individual/private donations. In addition Compassion Yoga Project hosts major events including yogathons and yoga mala's, and actively applies for grant funding. 

Q: How will I receive a tax deduction for donating?

A: You will receive a tax receipt from Compassion Yoga Project at the time of your donation and in January of each year. Compassion Yoga Project is a recognized 501c3 and registered Washington State Charity, all donations are tax-deductible contributions for individuals and corporations. 

Q: What if I am old, out of shape or inflexible?

A: Everyone feels challenged in a yoga class and all classes are designed for students to learn how to best use and listen to their body. You are never too old, too out of shape or too inflexible to do yoga. No matter how experienced, every student is encouraged to take breaks and/or make modifications as necessary. Please note: none of our instructors are trained medical professionals, please consult your physician if you are concerned about any health issues and let your instructor know so we can safely support your practice. 


Still have questions?

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